Where did Get Them This come from.

As with most things get them this was born out of necessity and a simple idea. After leaving a successful career in retail management to have my first child in which during that time the company i was working for went out of business ( i guess it was not able run with out me after all lol) I wanted something that allowed me to raise my children how my partner and i wanted as we where both not a fan of childcare. After searching it was clear that the freedom of working for myself was the best option for us and so the next step was to find a passion and jump right in. One thing that my husband and I agreed upon was that to many people where just buying gift cards or giving cash for gifts and it was our belief that the thought behind gift giving was mostly gone. This was the problem we wanted to solve and we wanted to do it in a way that allowed for people to give a thoughtful custom personalised gift  for most occasions easily and just like that Get Them This was born. We are a small husband and wife team running out of a little workshop we built with our own two hands on a extremely low budget out the back of our house (as pictured.) We well really my husband researched what equipment we needed to manufacture the type of products in the quality we wanted to provide  for our customers. As we saved for the equipment we needed I started designing and researching the different possibilities of what we would offer to our customers. With some equipment we already had i was able to offer some custom products right away and Get Them This got its first sale. At this stage we where only trading on Facebook marketplace but we wanted to offer our products to the world and from word of mouth and no paid advertisement we started to grow and needed a website sooner then we anticipated. With more research my husband taught himself from scratch web development/Ecommerce and we built the website you are on today (sorry if its a bit rusty i guarantee you our products are not) We pride ourselves on great quality products and excellent customer satisfaction and encourage you to give our currently small business ago because you will not be disappointed.