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Now That's Some Cool Nightlights😉

A little bit of safety from a little bit of light.

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The Night Light Hero!

Hero's come in many different forms...

Once open a time there was a incredibly intelligent and creative little boy whos creativity during the day was a blessing but at night was literally his worse nightmare.

His abundance of creativity would allow him to imagine things that simply where not there and a fear of the dark was borne. It was at this point he needed a hero and this night light was that hero.

This night light was the little bit of light that provided the little bit of safety he needed to sleep soundly at night.

He loved how he could control what color the light would be or even how bright it would display and his mum and dad loved the fact that it was led so it did not use much power at all.

Sometimes hero’s come in many forms and for this boy it was his night light and he new it was his because it had his name laser engraved on it.

That little boy wished that all kids could have a hero like he had and now they can.

Now Bed Time Is Easy

"Not only does the night light I brought look amazing it also has made bedtime so much easier. "

Hellen Corge
WOW! Definitely better then I expected.

"I have brought items from Get them this before and I am always happy but I think this time they have outdone themselves. Very Impressed and extremely happy."

Chloe Ladich

Look At All The Features.

Single Name Design Or Premium Theme.

You can pick from the elegant single name design or one of our premium theme nightlights that will complement your childs interests.


Your nightlight will allow you to select from 6 different colour settings Red, Blue, Green, White, Cyan, Purple you can also select between flashing & fading light mode’s.

Pick Your Colour Base

12 different colour bases to chose from.

Australian Made

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne Australia.

Slimline Base

Its not big and bulky! Its slim and sleek 😍

3 Button Control

It has 3 control buttons: mode, lighten, darken. Push the mode button to turn the light on and hold the mode button to turn the light off.

USB Power

Your light is powered from any usb power source like a phone charger with usb socket. Just plug your lights usb cable into your power source and even usb power banks will work. Power source not included.

Low voltage LED

Your light is designed with a low voltage low amp LED module for as little power consumption as possible. Its extremely cheap to run😃

Awesome Gift

They are a great gift idea or addition to your child’s room.

Let us make gift giving easy for you.💖

🎁Gift Wrapping Available🎁

Gift wrapping with a personalised bag tag

You can have us gift wrap your nightlight for you with a personalised bag tag and we can even ship it direct to your recipient.

I love the personalisation!

"Its easy to go to Kmart and buy a toy as a gift but giving my nice and nephew such a beautiful personalised night light made it more thoughtful. Thank you Get Them This for a awesome product!"

Paula Adams
Just So Easy

"I ordered one of the night lights from Get Them This for my son and selected the giftwrapping option. The product was spot on and the fact that it come ready to give to him made it just so easy. 5 stars Get Them This I will definitely be back."

Daniel Tavares

A Little Bit Of Safety From A Little Bit Of Light

Some kids struggle to sleep in the complete dark and they need a little bit of light to help them feel safe and secure. Your nightlight from get them this will provide that confidence they need making bed times so much easier for you.

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